Here's a Handy Way to Enliven Your Day

Make a manicure appointment in Temple, TX

When you get a Basic Manicure at Salon Karen, a skilled specialist will cut and shape your nails, trim your cuticles, soften your skin and polish your nails to perfection for just $21. Add a dash of luxury to your day with our Signature Manicure, starting at $29. This includes a paraffin wax treatment and a hand massage in addition to the basic service.

For $15, we offer manicures tailored to children 12 and under. Make a manicure appointment in Temple, TX today.

gel manicure temple tx

Which manicure is right for you?

Looking for stylish nails that last, starting at $41? A gel manicure is a smart choice. You'll love that gel polish:

  • Can last up to two weeks.
  • Is cured under a UV light for sturdiness.
  • Doesn't chip easily.
Do you want stylish nails with less commitment? Get a dip powder manicure starting at $46:
  • There are no strong fumes.
  • Removal is as simple as soaking your nails.
  • Changing the color is easy.
Schedule a dip powder or gel manicure in Temple, TX now. Call 254-774-7373 to make an appointment.